Film knowledge is a living, breathing thing that needs constant nourishment and we’re here to share what we know with you.

Scanning Consultation Mini Workshop at theFINDlab - $

Noelle Reynolds And theFINDlab scanning team

This 2 hour mini workshop focuses on the photographer really coming to know and understand the differences between Noritsu and Frontier machines. They both offer distinct characteristics that can make a huge difference in fine tuning a photographer's aesthetic and voice. Each attendee will have one on one time with a dedicated technician on each scanner. You will learn your scanning preferences, create or refine your profile, and learn the tonal adjustments specific to each scanner. Technicians will also offer suggestions for which film stock is best for your personal aesthetic taking in to account locations of your shoots and the quality of light with which you work most often.

film beginner, film advanced, hybrid photographer

February 9th, 2019 in provo, Utah at theFINDlab Grab Your Seat Now

Film 101 at theFINDlab - $

Melese, scanning tech at thefindlab

Wanna start shooting film but don't know where to start?? Then we have a workshop for you! This one-day film intensive will walk you through all the basics of film photography and  our very own Melese Miller will hold your hand every step of the way. Inspired by her #filmfriday IG stories, this intro course will tackle some of the big barriers that new film shooters can encounter when first starting out. You'll cover common 35mm equipment set up, common medium format equipment set up, each basic film stocks, how to meter and rate, why to use a Pro Lab and so much more! Attendees will walk away with the knowledge and confidence to keep shooting on their own. Click the link below to find out more!

film beginner, portfolio building

March 9th, 2019 in provo, Utah at theFINDlab Grab Your Seat Now

B&W Home Developing Workshop at theFINDlab - $

Chris kale, BW editor at theFINDlab

YouTube has it's place for so many things, but maybe learning how to develop BW at home isn't one of them. Spend a day at theFINDlab working with Chris Kale, learning hands on the in's and out's of BW home development. We'll cover film stocks, chemistry, basic equipment for a home developing kit, pushing BW film, and then go step by step through the mechanics of loading film onto a reel and so much more. There's even a photowalk to capture and create images you'll develop the same day.

One day workshops run from 9am - 5pm at theFINDlab and lunch is included. Space is limited to 10 people, so sign up today to reserve your spot! See you soon!

wedding, family, film advanced

April 17th, 2019 in provo, Utah at theFINDlab Grab Your Seat Now

Love Soaked Family Photography Retreat - $$

Brooke schultz

It’s equal parts soulful and practical. The Love Soaked Course + Retreat Bundle includes: instant access to the Love Soaked Family Photography Course, 5 in-home family shoots, your stay at a home in the Salt Lake City, UT area for 3 nights, time to explore your creative vision with one on one attention from Brooke, feedback from the group, an epic welcome dinner, yummy breakfast + snacks, time to recharge creatively with inspiration up the yang, dance parties, meditation, photo walks, friends who will be your go-to photo buddies long after the workshop is over, and extra surprises. 

family, film beginner, film advanced, hybrid photographer

April 24-27, 2019 in Salt lake city, Utah Grab Your Seat Now

Belle Lumiere Workshop - $$

Lexi Belle Lumiere Magazine / Kenzie victory / Amber REverie

Nestled in the forest on 12 acres, we will have access to a stunning brand new newly-built white gambler barn, finished in a modern farmhouse style, and their stunning property surrounded by mountains and horses. Our goal of this event is to create simple yet timeless shoots that allow our attendees to slow down and capture a story. We strongly believe River Bottoms Ranch is the perfect place to be able to do this.

family, fine art, film advanced, hybrid photographer

April 30-May 1, 2019 in midway, Utah Grab Your Seat Now

Posing For Families - $

Jonathan Canlas

During this workshop, you'll spend the day with Jon Canlas learning his go-to strategies for creating successful family shoots. Jon will cover:

-Creating a Basic Game Plan
-Posing vs Compostion
-Making Stiff People Look Natural
-How to Work with ANY Personality
-Posing Tricks for Tricky Situations
-How to Make Dad Your New BFF
-Creating Implied Closeness
-Wrangling Allllllll the Children
-Big groups? No problem...
-How to be Most Efficient with Your Time
-Directing vs Posing

family, film beginner, film advanced

May 18th, 2019 in orem, Utah at theFINDlab Grab Your Seat Now

The Rad Workshop - $$

Annie Groves - KC Lostetter - Kelsey Schwenk - Halee Betzner

A three-day, hands-on experience with four teachers who are passionate about you feeling empowered in every way. We’ll dive into how your voice makes photography work for you and we’ll capture real families and couples indoors as well as on the beaches of Hawaii. You’ll leave feeling confident in what & how you shoot as well as your working knowledge of film and integrating it into your life. In a nutshell, think of this workshop as real moments, analog photography, & dynamic community. Think of it as rad because that’s what’ll be and that’s who you are.  

family, film beginner, film advanced

sept 15th-18th, 2019 on oahu Grab Your Seat Now

One on One Mentorship - $

Kristin Garcia of Kristin La Voie Photography

Whether you are a brand new photographer shooting your first wedding, or you've been around the block for several years, we can all use a little help. Sometimes roadblocks come in the form of financial concerns, creative ruts, or lack of business organization. Managing all the aspects of owning your own business, or learning your photography craft, can certainly be overwhelming! Kristin absolutely loves to help others through their journey and inspire you with the confidence to flourish beyond your greatest dreams. Having made hundreds of mistakes myself, I have learned lessons, big and small, throughout my career. So let's help you avoid making those same mistakes, and get you where you want to be!

wedding, business, single instructor

online or in-person in Chicago or Austin grab your seat now

One on One Coaching - $

Rachel Solomon

One on One coaching via Skype or FaceTime tailored to focus on your personal business needs and can include branding, marketing, portfolio review, pricing, shooting film/hybrid, workflow, etc.

hybrid photographer, wedding, business

Email to schedule

FIND in a BOX - $$

Jonathan Canlas

The FILM IS NOT DEAD workshop in online format covering everything Jonathan knows about photography. You get 400+ pages over 8 PDF lessons covering Film 101-401, Film Stocks, Camera Gear, Storytelling Through Details, Posing and Family Formals, Personal Work and Finding Your Voice, plus Cheat Sheet exposure guides. You also get membership to a private Facebook group for Q&A, monthly assignments and critiques. Join a community of like minded photographers ranging from hobbyists to some of the top photographers in the world. Follow along while Jonathan shoots a wedding from beginning to end, then watch a family formal shoot happen in real time so you can see exactly how he shoots on the event day. You also have behind the scenes of two family shoots; walk you through every item in Jonathan's camera bag; show you how to load common cameras; cull and edit said family shoots, live; and show you metering levels 1 through 9000.

self motivated (because it's go at your own pace), film beginner, film advanced, posing

Ongoing, from the comfort of your home Grab Your Seat Now

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